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5 Reasons Why The New Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer Is So Great

Just in case you are looking for a reason to buy one of those new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer watches, I will list five of them in this article.

If you joined our last Speedy Tuesday GTG in December 2019, the new Moonwatch Master Chronometer wasn't really a surprise to you. During that event, Omega announced that its caliber 3861 will be used in a new Moonwatch. Those who have been paying attention over the last few years, know that every first Tuesday of the new year means a new Speedmaster introduction.

The New Moonwatch Master Chronometer

With the introduction of the new Moonwatch Master Chronometer, the former famous caliber 1861 Moonwatch has been discontinued. You might have noticed that stock was becoming very thin at authorized dealers and boutiques over the past few months. A bit of house-cleaning was in order to make way for the new model. Perhaps the strategy was thinly veiled but compared to that other brand Omega got it right by making its new release available so quickly. Without further ado, here are five other things that make the new Moonwatch Master Chronometer so great.

1. A New Speedmaster Moonwatch Bracelet

One of the absolute best features of the new Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer is, of course, the bracelet. I called it the Nixon bracelet in this article (not everyone liked the name), which is basically a love letter to it (not to Nixon).

Yes, the bracelet is that good. I discussed it in-depth in this article as well, when I compared the new Moonwatch with the discontinued one. I've been able to acclimatize to this bracelet as it is also on the Speedmaster Moonshine. And I can easily say it is one of the most comfortable bracelets I have in my modest collection. The new steel version is not that different, besides a wider clasp (1mm) and slightly different shaped links on the inside of the bracelet. One of the best features of the new bracelet luxury replica rolex? It makes the 42mm Moonwatch Master Chronometer more wearable for smaller wrists. The center section of the end link doesn't protrude, as was the case on the previous bracelet.

2. Caliber 3861

Caliber 3861 is a step forward for the Moonwatch. Although the design and construction are similar and use about 50% of the same parts, the new movement is chronometer-certified and features a Co-Axial escapement, uses anti-magnetic alloys, and is beautifully decorated. There's no need for a separate movement anymore for the sapphire case back version.

After the movement is cased, Omega runs some stringent tests on the Speedmaster Moonwatch. Accuracy tests before and after being exposed to magnetism, with full power reserve and at 33% of its power, at 6 different positions, at different temperatures, etc. Then, there are the shock tests and water resistance tests as well. Every watch needs to meet these requirements before the watch can have the Master Chronometer certification. Learn more about these tests here.

3. Step Dial

Omega discontinued the so-called step-dial in 1974. The last Speedmaster to have this type of dial, with the recessed outer part, is reference 145.022-71. Although Omega already started using the step dial with the 2018 Speedy Tuesday Ultraman and other special models, it is now also back in the "standard?Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Master Chronometer. It gives the dial more depth. Besides a step dial, you'll see it uses the old style chronograph second hand. Also, they corrected the outer track on the dial, making it easier to read the elapsed seconds. At first, I had my worries about the printing on the dial, as I explained in this video, which is suddenly different and bigger than on the previous Moonwatch. But after almost a month since its release, it has grown on me.

4. The 105.012 Case

Just like the Apollo XI in steel, in Moonshine gold, and the Silver Snoopy Award, the case is based on the 4th generation of Speedmasters. I am talking about the 105.012, the reference that was first used on the Moon in 1969. The lyre lugs are slightly different from the previous case, and the case back has this double bevel. I like this case shape more than the previous ones. What did not change is its water resistance, with "only?50 meters. I say only, but Omega informs us that you are able to swim with this watch. Yet, I think a lot of people would be more comfortable doing that if it indicated 100 meters. Did you know that Omega tests them using a +25% margin? To me, it is not very relevant. I don't swim other than during holidays and when I do, I wear a Seamaster anyway.

5. Price

This will sound awkward to many of you, but I think the price of the new Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer is spot on. The steel on steel Moonwatch with Hesalite crystal (310. has a retail price of ?,200. Indeed ?,300 more than the previous watch. But in my humble opinion, that watch was priced too low compared to Omega's other offerings. Since I collect Speedmaster watches, it would be better for my wallet if the price were lower, but compared to similar replica watches from other (big) brands, I am of the opinion that Omega's price is totally sensible.

After all, you're getting a chronograph with a superb movement, a wonderful bracelet, and an updated case design that harks back to the original Moonwatch. Not to mention the chronograph with the best story ever.

More information (and direct ordering) via Omega online.

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